De Anza and Kennedy ITA Students Visit The Walt Disney Family Museum

De Anza and Kennedy High IT Academy students had the opportunity to attend a two hour study trip to The Walt Disney Family Museum.

Both groups were able to tour the museum and learn about the history and biopic of Walt Disney, his creations, and his inspiration. One of the many things that students were exposed to was the first Multiplane camera, which Walt Disney used to create his first 3D animation. After touring both groups were set to use their imagination to complete a task of their own.

De Anza students worked together and collaborated their imagination, as they researched to build a ride prototype to withstand a floating design challenge. All students did an impressive job but not all were able to complete the challenges requirements. At the end of the task students were able to build what they believed would be a success, just like Walt Disney did.

Kennedy students also were able to learn about the different coasters and rides at Disneyland and how the worlds of imagination and engineering really come together. They were able to practice coding with a sphere to give their subject a velocity just as the designers of the rides do.  After coding students were able to successfully complete the challenge given to them.

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