Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Networking Workshop

Computing Sciences

July 23-27 Introduction to Scientific Networking

A special program for Kennedy and El Cerrito High School

IT Academy students

We’re looking forward to have you visit Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, one of the world’s leading centers for scientific research. We have planned a weeklong summer program for promising IT Academy students who are interested in learning more about networking and science. With ESnet, the Department of Energy’s high-speed network, taking the lead, this five-day program will provide you with a theoretical and hands-on introduction to networking basics and several areas of research that depend on the network to advance discovery.  No prior familiarity with networking is needed. The program will be held from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, July 23-27, at Berkeley Lab, located in the hills overlooking UC Berkeley.



The networking sessions will consist of a 30-minute discussion, followed by a 30-minute hands-on session. This would be followed by a science talk, tour, career counseling, etc. Students will have lunch and conversation with several researchers. We are also organizing tours of several lab research facilities.


Students need to arrive at the lab and be ready to start at 10 a.m. at the lab. We will be meeting in Bldg. 59, room 3104. There is no fee to participate, but we expect students to be engaged and respectful.


Getting to the lab

The lab is located in the hills above the UC Berkeley campus. The lab is reached by driving east (uphill) on Hearst Ave. from downtown Berkeley.  Hearst Ave. will turn into Cyclotron Road, which is the entry to the lab.


We will send you a bus pass by email in advance – you will need to have access to a printer when you open the pass. Please print it out and bring it with you each day, along with photo ID. To reach the Lab, take BART to the Downtown Berkeley BART station. Exit the station and cross Shattuck Ave. toward Bank of America. The Lab Shuttle Bus stop is in front of Arinell Pizza next to the bank. Look for the white Berkeley Lab bus labeled “Blue Uphill” and board the bus (show pass to driver). Ask the driver to let you out at Bldg. 65, where we will meet you on the first day. Allow 15-20 minutes for the bus ride to the Lab. If you have problems, call Kathy Kincade at 510-495-2124 or Teresa Montero at 510-486-7181.


You can also have someone drive you to the lab and drop you off at the bus stop near Bldg. 65 – you will need to bring your bus pass and photo ID. If possible, please share rides. There is no parking available so you can’t drive your own car.


Be sure to allow extra time on the first day to make sure you arrive on time!


Students are expected to arrive at Berkeley Lab and be in the designated room and be ready to go to work by 10 a.m. each day.


Students are expected to be engaged and be respectful.Our staff are giving up their work time to help you learn, so please pay attention. Students will need to keep their phones and earbuds in their backpacks, but can check them on breaks.


Ask lots of questions!


Students will be visiting various facilities and the lab site is hilly. Students must wear closed-toed shoes – no sandals – for their safety.


Lunch will be provided each day.


Web resources
Learn more about Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences at

Learn more about ESnet at

Learn more about the NERSC supercomputing center at

Learn more about our computer science and applied math research at


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