Kennedy High School


The mission of the IT Academy is to motivate and prepare Kennedy students to a post secondary education and careers in networking and web design. The academy introduces students to career-related academic concepts and hands on experiences, and supports them in reaching their educational and career goals.

The academy also invites two-way communication between students and professionals in information technology careers, both in school and in professional environments, allowing students to learn about career paths firsthand and community members to have input into educating the future work force.

The Academy supplements the academic curriculum with a speaker series program, field trips to technology industries and colleges, and a summer internship program.

Our students have job shadowed at Microsoft, EA Games, Mentor Graphics, Pandora and they have visited Contra Costa College & the Academy of Arts University.

The students join the IT family in their 10th grade by taking Digital Art for the Web, then in the 11th grade they take ISDM 1; in their 12th grade they will take Digital Art for the Web 2 and ISDM 2 if they have room in their schedule.

Our goal is to give every academy student a chance to be their own person, to achieve as much as they can during their time in high school and prepare them for their future.

Advisory Board

Ms. Perez – Caro – Team Lead

Jon Bashor – Computing Sciences Communications Manager, LBNL

Lokesh Bali – Program Manager, Getskills NZ Security Force

Nestor Paraiso – Maintenance Analyst, Chevron

Randy Watkins – Business Office Technology/Computer Information Systems, Contra Costa College

Beena Agarwal – CEO, Kudos Reading

Kennedy School Site Team

Felicia Johnson – Principal

 Helene Burke – Assistant Principal

 Sabrina McCarver – Assistant Principal

Gregory Brooks – Assistsant Principal

Michelle Hart – Counselor

Alejandra Oseguera – Counselor

Morgan Koblick  – Counselor

Laura Mercado – Counselor

Denisse Felix – Counselor

Program Manager

Peggy Fry

Phone: (510) 965-4449



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