Meet Mr. Williams!

We here at TechFutures are ecstatic to welcome Mr. Lawrence Williams into the fold to help enlighten our students with a comprehensive inlook towards the social sciences. Mr. Williams currently teaches US History, World History, and US Government but he also has experience in teaching his subjects’ AP equivalents as well.
His humble career in education began when he was only but a young adult who would present himself to assist his mother as she taught in middle school. However, when an opportunity rose to be fulfilled, Mr. Williams was offered a teaching position to cover for a retiring teacher that would ultimately shape him into the man we know today.

For the next twenty-two years, he developed and refined his skills. He learned to communicate with children and young adults of various backgrounds, degrees, and personalities, from elementary school to high school. Mr. Williams has seen it all.

Albeit never the one to shy from his interests, Mr. Williams also pursued music, playing R&B funk with his trusty bass and guitar alongside his own band and with many other popular gigs across the Bay Area. He loves to travel on his free time, having stepped in forty-seven US states during his lifetime with only three left before he successfully traverses across the entire nation. Though when at home, he still enjoys the occasional movie and theater experience. Surely Mr. Williams is not only a competent teacher, but he is one who has seen it all, experienced what life has to offer, and together, that makes him one of the most knowledgeable and accomplished we here at TechFutures have ever had the privilege of meeting.

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