This Is Still the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

gizmodo“Regardless of whether or not you agree with the “code or die ” sentiment that’s been floating around the internet, if you have decided to teach yourself to code, the sheer number of learn-to-code sites alone is overwhelming. So do yourself (and your eyes) a favor and pick up Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and jQuery book¬†instead.

Just like the HTML and CSS version before it, Duckett’s JavaScript iteration is full of beautiful, elegant visualizations that break a complicated topic into easily digestible bits. This one is aimed at folks who already have a decent grasp on some basic coding concepts (specifically, those you’d learn in the book below), but with a single topic per page, you definitely don’t need to come in with a programming background to be able to engage.


In exchange for handing over your hard-earned $23, you’ll get introduced to basic JavaScript Instructions, Decisions & Loops, Ajax & JSON, and APIs, just to name a few. The paperback is already available for purchase, but if you’re hoping to snag a hardcover version, you’ll have to wait until July 21. And considering how gorgeous as Duckett’s books are, it might actually be worth the wait.”

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