Career Pathways Summer Internship Program


Now is the time to apply for Career Pathways Summer Internship Program as part of your academy/pathway experience!


What: WCCUSD will work with businesses to create project-based internships that correspond to your pathways and are meaningful to you. Internships are matched based on your resumes and cover letters.
When: The whole experience is 6 weeks long, beginning on June 18 and ending on July 30th.  June 18-June 22 Orientation; June 25-July 26 Work site; July 30th Showcase Evening
Where: The 1st week Orientation at 2465 Dolan Way (8:30-3:30) in San Pablo.

The next 5 Friday mornings will also be at 2465 Dolan Way (10 a.m.-noon)

June 25th – July 26th (M-Th) you will be working at the internship site. Transportation cards will be provided as needed. Weekly hours will vary and will be worked out with your employer. You should specify on your cover letter how many hours you want: if you want closer to the minimum hours (3 days of 6 hours) or the maximum (4 days of 8 hours).


Pay: Minimum wage, hourly.



  • Must be a current Junior!
  • Career Pathways Summer Internships are Paid
  • Student interns can earn up to 5 “G” elective credits
  • Internship providers act as mentors and employers
  • The program begins with a 1-week internship preparation course, followed by 5 weeks at the employment site
  • Employers expect students to get classroom instruction while they provide on-the-job learning
  • Looks great on college applications and resumes



Internship Prep Packet

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