El Cerrito Mock Interviews (March 30-31)

Mock Interviews: (From Left to Right) Layla, Romit, Aiden, Suelayman, Jonah (2019)

The El Cerrito IT Academy is looking for professionals who work in Technology roles/organizations to conduct a virtual mock interview (via Zoom) with 11th-grade students in the Tech Academy. We need 20 professionals willing to share an hour and a half of their time to support students by helping them grow their career-ready skills. If you are interested and available, please sign up here. *You are welcome to sign up for more than one slot!


Each interview will be 15 minutes. A job description, questions, and feedback guidelines will be provided prior to the event. Each interviewer will need to be available for the full hour during class and half an hour outside of the event to provide written feedback on the students’ interviews and resumes. The events will take place March 30th 11 am-12 pm, March 30th 1 pm-2 pm, March 31st 11 am-12 pm, and March 30th 1 pm-2 pm. Links are embedded into the bolded text.


Mock Interviews: (From Left to Right) Charlotte, Cameron Elise, Tanvi (2019)

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