Game Design Competition and Summit


Game Design Competition and Summit

STEM Fuse has partnered with TechJOYnt, Smart and Resilient Cities, and Oklahoma University to create a nationwide game design competition and summit.

Competition Information:

  • Official start date- 1/6/16
  • Game Design Finalists Summit- 4/30/16
  • 4 levels of competition- Elementary, Middle, High, University
  • Competition Rules & Regulations will be released 1/6/16

STEM Fuse has created an after-school program that aligns with the competition. This standard aligned 6 week program will expose students to all facets of STEAM, while preparing them for original game development. This program comes complete with the competition rules/regulations, important dates, information on partnering organizations, competition webinar information, and 6 weeks (30 hours) of game design course material.

“Game Design is a promising area of innovation in STEM learning. Reasearch suggests that empowering youth to create their own video games promotes learner independence. Moreover, it encourages youth to take ownership over STEM knowledge, rather than viewing it as belonging to others, thereby ushering them into STEM communities of practice.” -2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge

(Ages 10-13) Students will have the opportunity to create classic 2D games and learn the basics of Game Development. Through activities like puzzle building and creative problem solving, we unlock brain pathways that direct critical thinking. With programs like Game Design, techJoYnT aims to combine form with function and add art to the STEM acronym (STEAM).

(Ages 14-18) Students learn more advanced concepts of Game Design in this course, and have the opportunity to begin 3-D modeling. This class will be using 3D modeling software, learning basic audio engineering, and start creating concepts for their very own video game characters.

For information on the After-school Program, contact Tyler Tatge.
Tyler Tatge

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