Meet Mr. Lacsina!

Mr. Lacsina recently joined us De Anza High School’s Information Technology Academy to teach computer science. He has accumulated almost a decade of experience in education, teaching English for eight years (two of which were at De Anza) until he transcended his prior obligations. Though an avid patron of the literary arts, technology also ran through the blood of the Lacsina family, as his father inspired within him the passion for software programming and taught him the intricacies of hardware components back in the Philippines.

Currently, Mr. Lacsina teaches The Beauty and Joy of Computing, which includes a mix of software programming and digital arts, while Computer Science 1 and Computer Science 2 introduces students to the logic and critical thinking of the Python programming language.

Additionally, Mr. Lacsina offers and promotes team building and communication amongst the entire student body of De Anza. He seeks to establish and coach e-Sports competitions as a way for the young, growing generation to work together, to think together, to achieve together more than what they could have possibly ever imagined.

If you wish to contact him, you may reach him through email at:

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