PiE Fall Competition & Building Bridges Mechanical Workshop

UC Berkeley’s Pioneers in Engineering competition will once again be hosting its Fall event on October 15th and 16th at the Hearst Memorial Mining Building. For those interested in participating, please fill out the Registration form and bring your robot from last year’s competition. There will be worksessions the week before the competition for you to brush-up your robot. The Forums will also be open for you to get any help. For more information on PiE, please visit: https://pioneers.berkeley.edu/about/about-us.html


In addition, PiE invites you all to its event, Building Bridges with PiE: A Mechanical Workshop. Throughout the months of September, October, and November PiE will be hosting one workshop each month. This month, they will be hosting a mechanical workshop on campus on September 24th from 9:45 AM to 3:00 PM! (specific location TBD, students will be emailed the location), and students from all backgrounds and experiences are appreciated and very welcome.


Building Bridges with PiE is designed to offer students the opportunity to learn mechanical, engineering, and critical thinking skills directly from UC Berkeley students from these fields. The workshop will focus on key engineering principles such as brainstorming and prototyping as well as mechanical skills like cutting and drilling materials. You will be able to meet and learn from UC Berkeley students who will gladly answer any and all questions, whether that be about engineering, or college in general.


Students will be put into teams and each team will be asked to assemble their own balsa wood bridge. In the process of building your bridges you will undoubtedly face challenges of working in a team of strangers, thinking of ideas, or creating a solid end result. Things might break. Things might not work. But that’s okay! We sincerely believe that through this workshop, whether your bridge holds under pressure or doesn’t, you will all have an unforgettable time and learn essential engineering skills.


Please sign up at bit.ly/2bWhitA, and feel free to email education@pioneers.berkeley.edu back if you have any questions, comments and concerns.


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