El Cerrito High School

The Information Technology Academy, formerly known as the TechFutures Program, has been a prominent part of El Cerrito High School since its founding in 2001. The program has grown exponentially over its 20-year history, going from a small after-school program serving just 20 students, to becoming an in-school technical academy serving around 200 students every year.

The purpose of the Information Technology Academy is to educate “at-risk” youth in order to strengthen academic performance, increase the probability of postsecondary success, and provide post-high school career opportunities. This is done by providing students with hands-on technical training in the areas of Networking (Information Systems Design and Management) and Web Design (Digital Art).

In addition to the technical training offered, the Academy also provides students with various work-based learning opportunities, such as guest business speakers, study trips to major tech companies, and employment/internship opportunities, which adequately prepare students for various careers in technology.

EC School Site Team

Patricia Crespo – Principal

Jay Eirvin – Assistant Principal

Nicholas Rey – Assistant Principal

Monica Ng – Counselor

Yecenia Campos – Counselor

Yen Kong Moua – Counselor

Office/Program Manager

Peggy Fry

Email: peggy.fry@wccusd.net


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