Thank You Jose Sierra and Robin Lopéz!

Jose Sierra is an IT Project Manager, Systems Specialist, a Steering Committee Member for the Latin America and Native American ERG at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and is also a WCCUSD ITA Advisory Board Member. He was born in Guatemala, Jose and his parents made the big transition leaving everything behind to move to the United States in 2000. As though starting a new life in a foreign country was least from easy, Jose always knew his education was most important and no matter how hard things would get he would end up with his degree in hand. And that he did! Jose Sierra graduated from San Francisco State University with a Computer Engineering degree.

“Never give up” – Jose Sierra

Thank you Jose Sierra for being able to come and talk to our De Anza High School Tech Academy students! Thanks to you, many of our students left with the knowledge that they can have a chance at higher education no matter the background they come from! 

Also many thanks to Robin Lopéz for handling chat and questions during Jose’s presentation. Robin is a De Anza High School Alumni, LBL Research Associate, and is part of the advisory board for Techfutures.

Written by Emely Villa and Benjamin Huang

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